Our Mission: Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Massachusetts by providing leadership, guidance, training and structure.

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BYL Mission, Philosophy & Goal:

Our Mission:  Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse by providing coaching, guidance, training and structure to all interested in participating.

Our Philosophy: All players will participate.  Playtime will be based on practice attendance, behavior, readiness to play, position and player attitude.  Playtime will not be based on skill level.  Coaches will do their best to get players into games as equally as possible however, players and parents must understand that the above standards will be assessed by coaches and participation may be affected in a positive or negative manner.  For age levels with multiple teams BYL will endeavor to ensure their teams are as evenly balanced as possible at every age level based on player skill, experience, age and grade at each respective age group. 


Our Goal:  All players, coaches, teams & programs reflect sportsmanship behavior on and off the field while learning & teaching the fundamental skills and teamwork required to play the game of lacrosse well.  BYL provides training, guidance, and age-specific rules of play for all participating coaches with a particular focus on ensuring player safety and a positive experience.  BYL programs will continue to grow in lacrosse knowledge and capabilities as they learn the game based on speed, stick skills, athleticism and overall teamwork.


Parent and Player Concerns: If a parent or player has a concern, we ask that they address it with the coach first.  If this is not an option or the situation is not rectified then we ask that the parent or player speak to the president of the league.  All questions or concerns will be addressed. President & Program Director: James Ricciuti james.ricciuti@outlook.com 978-289-7226